Why are pigs allergic to the vaccine, and how to prevent it?

Beichuan is a mountainous county in ethnic minority areas. There are sporadic pigs in the local countryside. From birth to slaughter, a fattening pig is usually raised for 6 to 10 months. When the spring and autumn are concentrated in the immunization or pigletcastration,  pig foot and mouth disease including the original highly pathogenic pig blue ear disease are several needles at the same time. Because vaccine allergic reactions occur at any time, causing farmers to understand and distrust our epidemic prevention work, it also brings great difficulties and pressure to our grassroots animal epidemic prevention work. The situation and measures taken will now be summarized and later used by peers for reference.

  First, the cause analysis of allergies

  1. The direct cause of allergic reaction after vaccination is that there is a heterologous protein in the vaccine, and the strain in the vaccine is collected after breeding in a specific cell, and the strain and the cell cannot be removed due to the restriction of the condition. The fragments and fragments of the culture are completely separated, so that the cell culture fragments, the proteins in the fragments, and the cell bodies can become heterologous proteins. After the vaccine is injected into the pig body, an antigen-antibody labeling reaction occurs, resulting in an allergic reaction in the pig.

  2. Vaccine adjuvants are another factor in inducing allergic reactions in pigs. Mineral oils, aluminum gels, and peak gums that can be used as immunoadjuvants. They play a role in the vaccine to produce aseptic abscesses, which facilitate the slow absorption of vaccines. As a body foreign body, mineral oil and white oil may cause Tissue edema , tissue damage, and tissue swelling are another cause of allergies in the herd.

  3. The pigs have different levels of allergic reactions in different stages due to individual differences and different conditions. Pigs with strong adaptability and strong resistance in local pigs have strong resistance to stress, and generally no allergies occur, and the response to the vaccine is small. On the contrary, pigs with weak pigs and weak constitutions, as well as small pigs, have no place to move, pigs are crowded, light is not good, and the environment is very unsanitary. Pigs raised under such conditions are also likely to cause vaccine allergies. Of course, some individuals are no exception. Some pigs are very sensitive to the emergency response of the vaccine, and the incidence of allergies is very high.

  In our local area, it is free-range in rural areas. The basic immunization is to inject piglets, pig high-pathogenic blue ear disease, and swine foot-and-mouth disease vaccine. If the color of the piglets is white or red, then in any case, any kind of vaccine will have an emergency response, and the mortality rate will be high, even if the rescue effect is not good immediately; according to my statistics, PIC boar and skin Piglets produced by Dugong as a male parent have a much higher stress response than piglets produced by other boars. More than 4,600 basic immunized piglets in 2018 have a stress response of more than 500 heads. Vaccine emergency response killed up to 48 pigs, of which 3,000 piglets were produced by PIC boars and Duroc boars, with a stress response of more than 380 heads, and only 36 deaths due to vaccine stress response. About 12%, the most urgent needle is dead, there is no time to cure, and some timely treatment has no effect, so some farmers also said that we are not “toxic” drugs for pigs, and even suspect Is there a problem with the quality of the vaccine? I once met a farmers raised a sowproduced piglets, allergic reactions to the vaccine itself is necessary, for four consecutive years 8 102 piglets nest all allergic reactions occur, in which 53 pigs should occur simultaneously injected three vaccines The stimuli, all died after treatment, the latter 49 piglets did not inject any vaccine and did not die. There are also two sows raised by two farmers who are congenital vaccine allergic reactions. All kinds of vaccines must be allergic and must be treated. The piglets produced must also have an allergic reaction and cannot be used for any kind of vaccine. It can be seen that the allergic reaction of pig allergies to the vaccine is very large, and the impact on epidemic prevention is also very large.

4. The sow is vaccinated during pregnancy. The intermediate (bacteria) poison or other ingredients in the vaccine enter the fetus through the placenta and become an allergen. After the piglet is born, the vaccine is again exposed to the vaccine component, which will trigger an immune allergic reaction.

  5, there are many human factors in the specific operation, improper technical operation, improper injection site, different depths, injection needles are not changed, syringes are not disinfected, vaccines are improperly stored, and the amount of vaccines is not in compliance with regulations. The veterinarian staff does not strictly follow the management of the vaccine. The vaccine should be used strictly according to the instructions for use of the vaccine, whether it is cell seedlings or oil seedlings. It should be opened on the same day, diluted on the same day, used on the same day, and cannot be used the next day. .

  Second, comprehensive prevention measures

  1. For pigs with allergies, pour cold water on the head of the pig, and immediately inject adrenaline hydrochloride injection, 1~2ml/head.

  2, severe cases with 1% atropine sulfate intramuscular injection, 3 ml per head, 1 ml per pig.

  3. For pigs whose body temperature rises to about 40 °C, the rice can be treated with penicillin according to the size of the pig. The pigs with loss of appetite should be combined with VB1, VC and Radix, Astragalus polysaccharide and ceftiofur sodium. treatment.

  4. Minimize the number of outsiders when making vaccines, and the voice is noisy. Keeping the environment quiet and reducing the stress response factors of pigs will help prevent allergic reactions. There is also a swine fever, pig high-pathogenic blue ear disease, swine foot-and-mouth disease vaccine should not be simultaneously injected, should be carried out in separate time, or according to the actual situation of the local, selective vaccination.

  5. Vigorously strengthen the operation and publicity of grassroots epidemic prevention technology, earnestly do a good job in epidemic prevention, pay attention to technical training of grassroots veterinary staff, increase investment in grassroots epidemic prevention work, strengthen the construction of grassroots epidemic prevention teams, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of grassroots epidemic prevention workers and Responsibility, do a high degree of attention, work in place. The farmers will fully support and cooperate with the epidemic prevention work to ensure the healthy development of pig breeding.

Post time: Aug-22-2019

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