What about the price of pigs? It is a big problem to lack pigs, break files, and raise pigs!

 It’s been a long time since I’ve been in China in August last year. The hottest topic, only the long-term leader can occupy the headlines for a long time, and only it can become a topic that the breeding industry can’t avoid, as if everything is now The prevention and control are also to prevent non-defense!

  Many people have been reluctant to mention non-derogatory. Why don’t you want to mention it again? I think more is a helplessness. In fact, we also want to make it low-key, and we want to shut it out as soon as possible. Its strength is there, no one is!

  In July, the number of live pigs and able sows fell by more than 30%.

  Since August last year, under the influence of non-explosive epidemics, the pig industry has suffered heavy losses in one year. The number of live pigs and the number of sows in each region has dropped sharply!

  On August 15th, the latest data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas showed that the live pigs in July 2019 decreased by 9.4% month-on-month and 32.2% year-on-year; the number of able-bred stocks decreased by 8.9% month-on-month and 31.9% year-on-year, showing the pigs in July. , sows have been up less than 30%, such as merchandise, and the gap is bound to cause raw pork price grid climbing ……

  This year’s non-defamation has disturbed the entire industry and disturbed the production capacity of the entire industry. The pig breeding industry has experienced numerous challenges in the process of industrial development, environmental pollution, price shocks, food safety, and epidemic diseases. Waiting for the question!

  The pressure is heavy, I hope that the hardship is only temporary.

  This is a tornado, the problem is too much, the pig price is the first cannon fodder, the pig price has risen too sharply in the recent period, the northern pig price has risen too fast because of the previous period, after the high level operation in the past 2 weeks, currently Maintaining a stable volatility and a slight correction, the pig price in the southern region lags behind that in the north. At this stage, the gains are gradually becoming obvious, especially in the Guangdong, Guangxi, and Hubei provinces. The rise is very rapid, and the difference in pig prices between the north and the south continues to widen. !

  However, the price of live pigs in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions exceeded 15 yuan/kg. The pig price was so high, and the pork price has also moved closer to 28-30 yuan/kg. This is only a problem reflected by the increase in pig prices in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions!

  The problem arising from other regions is that after the pig price and pork rise, other agricultural and sideline products will also rise. Take the egg price as an example. The price of ordinary eggs in the suburbs of Beijing has already exceeded 5 yuan/kg, while chicken, seafood and cattle. The price of mutton has also risen…

  After the beginning of the autumn, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the 11th National Day are coming. The price of live pigs has skyrocketed during this period. In fact, it has undoubtedly proved that there are no pigs to sell now, no pigs can be killed, the gap is huge, and the breaks are serious. The faces are: The pig price is higher, no one has pigs, no pigs can raise, what can it do?

  Many netizens suggest that you can also do this:

  However, a large number of farmers have not been able to withstand such stimulation. A wave of epidemics is unsettled, and a policy of culling or total bans within a 3km period may only wait and look forward to rehabilitating. Successful, but how many can be rehabilitated successfully?

  The problem of raising pigs can’t be solved, and the pig price is only a gust of wind. So comprehensively: the complexity of this non-explosive situation requires the joint efforts of the entire pig industry. The past prevention and control awareness and production concept may not work. We need to constantly update, keep summing up, keep learning, and respond to and choose from multiple channels and multiple angles!!!

  At this stage, the African swine fever has slowed down relatively, but it is still in a point-like manner. The reason why it is still spreading is actually the problem of transmission. Because the environment is poisonous, it is the current prevention and control of pigs in Africa. The biggest problem, the effective reduction of the amount of African swine fever virus in the environment by various means is an important way to control the spread of African swine fever.

  However, the normal work of the farm is still going on, and everything needs to be done step by step. Don’t be disturbed by the African swine plague!

  We must continue to do a good job in biosafety prevention and control, constantly sum up lessons and learn ways to improve the disease resistance of the herd and reduce the susceptibility of the herd….

  Non-devious, the hardships brought to us are only temporary, expecting, expecting to go through a painful and sad reminder time, the pig industry returns to a new environment……..



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