the prospects are bright, the process is tortuous!

 One of the most common and most common questions many pig friends have asked recently is how to treat this year’s pig market? My point is actually very simple: the prospects are beautiful and the process is tortuous!
  The big environment:
  From the perspective of the entire pig farming environment, it is well known that if there is no major accident in the 2020 pig market, the supply and demand gap may be even larger. How big is the supply and demand gap in the entire pig market? It is difficult to find real data Get it exactly!
  But whether it is hair from the pork price on the grid, the price of pork or pigs price, it can infer something, especially in the vicinity of the faithful and true pig herds, the real success rate of re-raising initiative, re-raised, you can get Some real predictions.
  Therefore, it can be roughly predicted from the above that the pig market in 2020 will not be bad. As long as there are pigs in the hand, as long as they can feed the pigs, as long as the casualty rate is within a controllable range, the prospect is bright. Is it reliable?
  Why is the process tortuous? Because the hardest difficulty is the controllability of survival rate and casualty rate! For two years, everyone has the most authentic experience, no need to talk about it!
  In the past, most people were good at pseudo-rabies, blue-eared rings, and vice-pigs .. Even if they suffered heavy casualties, there were always some methods and effective experiences. Go for reference to prevent and control. But now? How confident are you with Xiao Fei’s prevention and control?
  Whether in terms of the existing two-year prevention and control situation and experience, or the energy and effort required for this year, the tortuous process cannot be avoided. Is there a problem with this prediction?
  A wise person gains value through experience, and a dull person gains nothing in experience. In the two years of actual combat, there have been very few unsuccessful shooters; very few are still alive or even moisturized after one or more shots, is it true?
  Why do people still moisturize after being shot many times? Why are we embarrassed when we hit a single shot? What is the experience and logic behind it? Have we figured it out? Did we do it?
  Whether it is the experience of Xiao Fei’s blocking or the experience of fitting extraction and effective isolation and reducing losses after entering the market, have we really found a practical and suitable method?
  The experience of knowing is not very useful. The experience that knows and optimizes can be applied to yourself and can obtain better results.
  The same experience, for different pig farms and different people, the final effect and value are different. Is this true?
  For experience, the first is analysis, followed by borrowing, again trying, then optimizing, and finally continuous optimization and improvement, and finally forming its own, suitable and effective experience, only to be wise!
  If Xiao Fei is a painful training, then New Crown Pneumonia is a mirror. No matter how many reasons and excuses we have, in Xiao Fei ’s prevention and control, we have missed too many opportunities and created the current ineffective environment. This is an indisputable fact. In the face of this reality, we complain Yes, vomiting is even more useless. The only thing that is useful is acceptance, self-help and adjustment after acceptance!
  No contact, no contagion, but in the current breeding mode, contact is unavoidable during the whole pig raising process, whether it is active or passive, the situation of dense and scattered is constantly being staged, it is difficult to achieve 100% blocking results. Even if it is, it is rare and the investment is huge. For most pig farms, it is difficult or impossible to do. This is a fact!
  That is to say, for most pig farms, from the perspective of implementation, from the perspective of the environment, complete blocking is difficult to achieve, or even impossible. This is a matter of fact.
  So under this fact, don’t we do it? Of course, to do, at least in terms of the carrying capacity of the virus, the difference between doing and not doing is still quite large, and the results achieved are still worthy of recognition!
  Therefore, from the resistance of the source of infection, we need to continuously optimize and repair possible loopholes. This is a long-term task. We cannot take it lightly. As for how much we can ultimately do, it depends on our own awareness and investment. Energy.
  Susceptible animals:
  Since it is difficult for us to be perfect in the source of infection, we can still do some work from susceptible animals. Don’t imagine any magic medicine or case that kills small non-viruses. Time has told us the answer.
  However, effective measures to reduce the feeding density and even the effective isolation of small units are worthy of recognition and effective experience. As for the sunny pigsty, drinking water transformation, environmental transformation, feeding link transformation, large raw material control and treatment … ….. These basic measures that can effectively improve the tolerance of susceptible animals are all visible and tangible links. If you do it, you will have a little confidence. This is also an indisputable fact.
  Whether it is new coronary pneumonia or Xiaofei, we find that it is still the strength of the animal’s own immune system that finally resists them and defeats them. This is an unquestionable fact!
  The transformation of the foundation and the meeting of the essential needs of animals are the foundation, and the applied products and the products that enhance immunity are only auxiliary. Do n’t put the cart before the horse. There are many ways to improve the immunity of animals. What can be achieved is to continuously explore, summarize, and optimize in order to gain a little effective and practical experience.
  Extraction treatment:
  Pigs ca n’t die of sheep. Since the environment is weak, as long as you have pigs, you can be kissed, but how to deal with them effectively and how to reduce losses effectively is what wise men do.
  Does the extraction method really not work? the answer is negative! Ask those moist farms that are still alive with shots. Isn’t that effective in reducing losses through tooth extraction? It’s just that tooth extraction is skillful, and it’s about fit, and it should be used flexibly according to the actual situation of your own pig farm! Different ways, different results!
  The density is small, the unit is reliable, and the effect of tooth extraction is better. On the contrary, it is nothing more than delaying the onset of disease. Don’t think about treatment unless you are engaged in scientific research. Once found or suspected, it is cruel, accurate, stable, and effective. It is also very important to effectively reduce the density and isolation measures for the pigsty and omissions after tooth extraction.
  In short, tooth extraction treatment is very different for different farms, whether it is a plan or an emergency treatment, and the method is very different. The higher the degree of fit with the farm, the harder, more accurate, and more stable. The better, and vice versa …
  People’s understanding of everything is limited, and the understanding of 俺 is the same. For Xiaofei, this sly demon, will still be one of the biggest variables and obstacles in our road to raising pigs in the next few years!
  Therefore, in the pig market in the next few years, as long as you can effectively reduce the chance of being shot, or you can effectively reduce the death rate after being shot, and you can control the casualties within a relatively tolerable range, you will account Do your best!
  Therefore, this year’s pig market, the prospects are bright, and the process is tortuous! Is there a problem?
  If in this bright future, we experience less setbacks and less setbacks, is it a manifestation of strength?
  Of course, this strength can’t be achieved by talking, not by blowing, but by doing, a little bit of hard work accumulation. The question is, how much can you do?
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Post time: Mar-03-2020

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