The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas said that the African swine fever will continue to appear in the later stages.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently held a regular press conference to inform the situation of the pig production situation in October: the national pig production as a whole has entered a turning point of stopping the recovery, and the pig stocks have further narrowed the decline, and the breeding of sows begins. After falling back, the production of scale farms resumed further, all production indicators were improving, and the contradiction between supply and demand eased.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the situation of prevention and control of swine fever in Africa is still complicated and severe. From August 3, 2018 (the first epidemic reported in China) to November 21 this year, a total of 160 African pigs were reported in China. In the case of the plague, three outbreaks of the epidemic in two provinces have not yet been lifted, and the remaining 29 provinces have been released from the blockade.

  Since the beginning of this year, the global porcine plague situation in Africa has been severe. More than 13,000 epidemics have been reported in 26 countries, and the epidemic situation in China’s neighboring countries is also extremely severe. According to reports, the African swine fever virus has formed a relatively large pollution surface in China, and it is expected that it will still appear in a punctual manner in the later stage.

  In response to the situation of prevention and control of swine fever in Africa, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs recently organized “Great Cleaning and Large Disinfection” on the basis of continuous intensified monitoring, investigation, reporting and disposal, and launched a major national prevention and control of major animal diseases in autumn. Inspections, sent a number of working groups to the relevant provinces to carry out supervision, take a number of measures, implement the responsibilities of all parties, and do their best to prevent and control the work. In the next step, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs will continue to supervise and guide all localities in implementing various prevention and control measures, and strive to ensure that the situation of epidemic prevention and control continues to improve and ensure that the epidemic does not rebound.

  According to the report, up to now, countries around the world including China have not approved a commercial vaccine for the sale and control of African swine fever. The person in charge said that since the outbreak of African swine fever in China, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has actively supported and encouraged all legally compliant research institutions and enterprises to carry out research on African piglet prevention and control technology . At present, the research units have made different progress, and the fastest progress is still in the pre-clinical research and GMO safety evaluation stage. The clinical trial application has not yet been submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas.

  The person in charge stressed that the so-called “African swine fever test crops, their own seedlings, and imported seedlings” appearing on the market are all illegal vaccines in accordance with the Regulations on the Administration of Veterinary Drugs. These so-called “African swine fever vaccines” lack systematic experimental research, and have not passed scientific, objective and rigorous evaluation and evaluation. Their safety and effectiveness cannot be guaranteed, especially live vaccines, and there is an unknown biosafety. risk. If farms (households) use these illegal vaccines, they will not only achieve the expected preventive effect, but may also cause infection in the herd and cause the spread of the epidemic. According to the regulations on the management of veterinary drugs, the production, sale and use of “African swine fever test seedlings, self-cultivation seedlings, smuggling seedlings” are serious illegal acts. Relevant departments will resolutely punish and punish the relevant illegal acts.

Post time: Nov-25-2019

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