Pork prices stand on a new peak, what are the main factors affecting pork prices?

Pork prices have continued to rise and attract attention this year, although prices have stabilized over time, but they continue to rise in the near future. Today, pork prices have reached a new peak since 2013. According to the data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of 14:00 on July 29, the average price of pork in the national agricultural wholesale market was 24.35 yuan / kg. The price of pork in a supermarket in Beijing has reached 27.8 yuan per catty. So what is the reason for the high pork prices?

Reduced supply of pigs caused by swine fever

  Summer is generally the off-season of pork sales, but it has risen frequently this year. What are the reasons? Wang Ya-nan, a pork analyst at Zhuo Chuang Information, said: “The main reason for the increase in pork prices is the reduction in the supply of pigs. The incidence of pigs in Africa has been nearly a year. The production capacity of live pigs and able sows has declined significantly in some areas , the supply of pigs has decreased, and the price of pork has naturally increased.”

  Tang Hao, Director of the Department of Market and Information Technology of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, also responded recently. The rapid increase in pig prices was mainly affected by the African swine fever epidemic. In October last year, the number of breeding sows in 400 counties monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs fell by 5.9% year-on-year, exceeding the 5% warning line. After that, the decline was expanded month by month, and the year-on-year decline in June reached 26.7%. According to the production rules of pigs , it takes about 10 months from the birth of the sows, the birth of the piglets , and the fattening pigs. The basic capacity of the pigs decreased in October last year, which led to the reduction of the supply of pigs and the price continued in June and July this year. rise.

  Pork price future trend

  Recently, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces have already stabilized pork prices to ensure pork supply. The Zhejiang Provincial Finance grants a subsidy of 500 yuan per head to eligible farms . The Guangdong Province promulgated the “Ten Ten Articles” and included the minimum number of pigs in the “food basket” mayor system. Shandong Provincial Finance has also introduced a package of support policies to ensure stable production and market supply of pigs.

  Then, can the price of pork be stabilized under the policy plus? In this regard, Wang Ya-Nan said: “The production capacity of pigs is now tense. It is indeed necessary to encourage and restrict some policies in various places. However, the willingness of farmers to rehabilitate is still relatively high. Low, so the effect of the policy remains to be seen.”

  The production capacity will not go up, how will the pork price go in the year? Tang Zhen expects that the supply and demand relationship of pork will be further tightened in the second half of the year, and the pig price will continue to rise. Wang Yanan also said: “It is expected that the price of live pigs and pork will continue to fluctuate upwards until the end of this year.”

  ”From the current situation of our research, the production capacity of pigs is still shrinking. Although there are policies to encourage reinstatement in many places, the effect of rehabilitation is not very satisfactory at present. It is expected that the capacity of pigs by the end of the year should be better than now. To reduce it a little more, then the price of live pigs and pork prices may continue to rise again.” Wang Ya-nan added.

Sales volume is affected

  According to recent data released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, in June and July, the national hog price continued to rise. In June, the average price of pork wholesale market was 21.59 yuan per kilogram, up 4.7% from the previous month and up 29.8% from the same period last year. According to the Information Center of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Zhuo Chuang Information, the 30-week 2019 (ie July 22-July 26), the weekly average of the ex-factory price index of lean meat-type white pork in 16 provinces (municipalities) is It was 25.34 yuan per kilogram, up 43.1% year-on-year. According to Zhuo Chuang Information, pork prices have already reached the peak since 2013.

  The price of pork sold by Shangchao is even higher. In a supermarket in Ganjiakou, Haidian District, Beijing, the price of pork belly has reached 27.8 yuan per catty, and the ridge and segmented small loin are 23.8 yuan and 25.8 yuan per catty respectively. According to the supermarket pork salesman, pork prices have been on the rise since June, and in July, the increase was about 3 yuan.

  As pork prices continue to rise, end-use consumption has also been affected. The pork seller in the Beijing Baiduizi market said: “The pork is rising every day, and we are also following the wholesale price. The pork price continues to rise and the sales volume is not as good as before.”

  However, Ms. Li, who is buying pork belly in the supermarket, said: “There is little to buy at home, but I don’t think it has much impact, but the price of pork is indeed the highest ever seen. I hope that it will not continue to rise.”

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