How long does the African swine fever virus survive in feed at different temperatures?

Multi-country studies have shown that serving livestock herpes, African swine fevervirus, rapidly dies in relatively dry feed at temperatures of 10-20 ° C, with a half-life of only 2 days in various feed ingredients. Even if there is a certain amount of African swine fever virus in the finished feed, such as 10-3TCID50 virus, after 20 days of placement, the virus in the raw material can be reduced to 10~OTCID50. The research report of Kansas State University is clear. It is proved that a virus dose of 10~4TCID50 is required to infect African swine fever through the feed.

  PCR-positive feed ingredients represent gene fragments of African swine fever found in feed ingredients, but only gene fragments are not infectious.

  The African swine fever virus is a DNA double helix virus, and we all know that the DNA of the double helix is ​​very stable in the environment. Dead viruses, or broken virus fragments, can persist in the environment for a long time, so we are likely to detect fragments of African swine fever in many things, but these fragments are not infectious. A recent study by the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute showed that no live virus was isolated from 21 samples of PCR-positive plasma.

  Continuous feeding of PCR-positive dry plasma for 3 weeks of susceptible animals did not result in infection of African swine fever. This further demonstrates that PCR positive does not represent infectivity.

  It can be seen that the feed may infect African swine fever, but the risk of feed-transmitting African swine fever is very low. Whether to use full-price pellet feed or pre-mixed self-dosing is not the key to whether the feed is safer. In order to better improve the biosafety of feed, the simplest and most effective measure is to ensure that the feed or raw materials are properly placed in a dry environment for more than 7 days.

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