Experts predict there will be three phases around the Spring Festival in 2020

  • Phase 1: pig prices are relatively stable before the Spring Festival

Relevant experts pointed out that with the strengthening of the state regulation on the pork market, the storage of pork has been released, in December alone as much as 140,000 tons, January 3 is another release of 30,000 tons.Meanwhile, pork imports hit a record high in 2019, reaching 1.73 million tons in the year to November, up more than 50 percent year on year.This has led to a “lack of pigs but no lack of meat” situation in the market.At the same time, as the Spring Festival, a major traditional festival, is just around the corner, the best “golden period” of pork consumption in a year is bound to boost pig prices, so this period of pig prices and meat prices will maintain a relatively stable state.

The Spring Festival prices


Phase 2: pork starts to decline after June


While pork prices are still at a high, the market is starting to fall into the traditional low consumption season, which is bound to depress prices.In addition, the pig production capacity in the first half of 2020 is bound to have a considerable degree of recovery, it can be predicted that the standard pig supply began to rise, in this case, the pig price will fall will become inevitable, relevant experts predict that the pig price will be 15 yuan/kg is more likely.


Phase 3: from July to the end of the year, pig prices tend to rise rather than fall


This period of time, prices fell back will be accelerated, the main reason is, in the national policy, driven by a series of supporting the pig breeding pigs can get certain development, the raising quantity could be restored to often raise 80%, due to the prices of “easy up to down” market rule, prices should be above the normal prices, the most likely price, by the end of next year remains at more than 10 yuan/kg.

Post time: Jan-06-2020

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