Agricultural Development: In the next 3 years, we will allocate 50 billion yuan to support the development of the pig industry.

Reporter on the 8th learned from the Agricultural Development Bank of China, Agricultural Development Bank has issued “on efforts to increase credit support to promote pig views industrial development” clearly, the next three-year plan to arrange 50 billion yuan of credit funds scale and focus to support the pig full Development of industrial chain and construction of reserve control system.

The “Opinions” clarify that we fully support pork central and provincial pork reserves, effectively play a role in regulating the handling of reserves, stabilize market prices , and ensure market supply; vigorously support pig breeding, support pig feed production, reduce corporate breeding costs; actively support pig slaughtering and processing Stabilize the pig industry chain, establish long-term benefits and risk sharing mechanisms; actively support pig cold chain logistics, reduce operating costs, and promote the price of pork At the same time, actively support enterprises to extend the industrial chain, enhance the value chain, and promote pig production, slaughtering and processing, cold chain circulation, cold and fresh market integration, intensification, brand management.

The “Opinions” pointed out that the medium and long-term credit support for large-scale leading enterprises should be increased to meet the funding needs for the construction of production bases. Actively promote the “government-led, state-owned enterprise contract construction, large-scale aquaculture enterprise leasing business” model, PPP and other modes, effectively solve the lack of investment capacity of enterprise base construction, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the hog industry. In addition, innovative small and medium-sized enterprises support models. Utilize the small and micro enterprise loan policy, innovatively use the supply chain and blockchain technology to provide online integrated financial services and online lending for pig production and upstream and downstream SMEs, farms and farmers, and reduce financing costs.

Post time: Nov-11-2019

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