Affected by the upcoming autumn festival, the price of pigs is about to rise in advance!

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  Last weekend, affected by the important festivals near Liqiu, the various slaughterhouses were active in stocking, because for those living in the north, the annual autumn means that an important thing has begun, that is, the legendary rushing autumn custom. As the pig industry chain has been in a weak growth pattern recently , and many slaughter companies have reduced their losses in the summer, the loss side has not changed in essence. Of course, if you encounter such a good thing as Li Qiu, you must not let go. On the other hand, after Guangping’s emptying of its own pigs, it has completely become a big pig. In this morning, the price of white pork in Guangxi has reached 40 yuan/kg, which shows how lacking local pork.

  Many people have asked why the same epidemic has been hit. So the Guangdong and Guangdong are so short of pigs, but the northeastern region with more severe disasters does not?

  In fact, this is the gap between the thinking of the people of the North and the South. The epidemic came and the north was strictly blocked, resulting in a large number of pigs being forced to stay in the country. It is possible that many pigs have made countless stocks at low prices (they have played a very important supplement in the later period). The two provinces are economically developed areas, and the information and the brain are well-informed. At first glance, the situation is not good, and a large number of sell-offs have been carried out. It’s not that it’s smart, but the slow response in the North and the strict implementation of the embargo have stabilized the overall market just at a critical time. It saved the new force (especially the fat mother) that was later developed. The seemingly clever and crazy sell-off in the South (the sows are polished), although they are temporarily away from the risks, but have to withstand the long-term lack of pigs.

  On the other hand, the northeast began in January 2019, a large number of fat transfer to mother, this small and medium-sized retailer’s self-rescue action of the rebirth of the dead, will certainly be included in the history of pig farmers ! Under the huge threat of African swine , completely implement as long as the birth More than death, in principle, the pigs are living in the bottom, and the northerners, especially the Northeasters, must be very thorough. Although we cannot specifically quantify its great contribution to society as a whole, there must be someone in the future who can evaluate the great achievements of these unsung heroes in the pig industry.

  What really stresses the pressure is not an expert professor, not a PPT, not a panacea, but a real-line pig farm and a family farm ! Their quick and effective self-help is the thrilling fight against the African swine fever epidemic. The most shocking and dignified one!

Post time: Aug-08-2019

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